The Archive (kermix) wrote in hateatron,
The Archive

I can't un-read it, so, I'll give you the opportunity to read it.

If you haven't seen the LiveJournal administrative drama, there's lots of it in news, lj_biz, and who knows where else. Bottom line is, I am not into Harry Potter fanfic, and I'm probably not into anything else that has currently been targeted for suspension, but I'm not keen to wait around until they find something wrong with me.

So I'm going to say goodbye to LiveJournal and seek an alternative. I know ::poke:: has a GreatestJournal, and there are numerous other options, and I would encourage any serious (heh) journalers to decide how they want to respond to this, and maybe we can even move en masse to another location — I know, we don't really use this community, but there are a handful of people here with active and semi-active accounts who read each others' writing.

Actual thoughts? Or ignore it and it will go away?
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